My Inspiration!

My Inspiration!

This year in many classes we were asked what teacher or what experience in school inspired you to become a teacher. For me the answer was simple, but it was not my teacher or the people from school, it was my family. My family to me is my biggest inspiration and has been the biggest influence on me throughout my life.

My family is very close and no matter what happens we are always supportive of each other. When my dad was younger he did not have the most encouraging home and in turn did not get to try many things and shoot for the stars because he didn’t have the support to back him up. That is why, as we were growing up, my parents always tried to keep a positive and supportive atmosphere for us.

In June of 2012 my parents decided to move to Moose Jaw, SK. and started a business together. With this new business came great change and with great change have also come with many struggles financially. My parents have struggled all their lives with finances, but always provided for us and in spite of all the struggle they kept their faith and courage to know that everything would work out. Their positivity and perseverance inspires me every time I am struggling and I am so greatful for the family I have.


2 thoughts on “My Inspiration!

  1. Maria, thank you for sharing part of why you became a teacher in this post as well as in your ‘About Me’ section on the blog. I really appreciate that you allow others to see you in this personal way. What is it about your family and teaching dance that encouraged you to start teaching besides your family’s support? I enjoy reading personal posts (yes even on ‘teaching’ blogs) so this was really nice for me to see!

    • msinclair18 says:

      Thanks Haleigh for the question and comments. I find that I learn most from all the experiences that I have had and that is why I relate so much to my personal life. I feel sometimes sharing a personal story can be a good way to get to know someone you haven’t met before. I enjoy reading personal posts as well.

      I guess since high school I have always known that teaching is what I was supposed to do. Growing up all throughout school I struggled with bullying. Not a major type of bullying, but lots of verbal. When I started dance in Grade 8 it was a way for me to get away from all of that and just be myself. My teacher was so inspirational in the fact that her studio is a recreational studio so it is meant for kids who want to take exams, but also for those who do not want to. She pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. That is the same with my family. I do not do well with change at times even if I want to do something really bad. My parents and my teacher pushed me out of my comfort zone and that has made me a stronger person. In my first year of teaching dance I knew for sure this is what I was meant to do. I wanted to take it beyond the dance studio and take my experience from there into the classroom.

      Also growing up because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for me to take class I paid my way. I took many babysitting jobs and once I could work I started a job in grade 10. I paid for everything such as exams, costumes, classes, shoes, summer camps, etc. Even though my parents couldn’t afford it I kind of thank them in the end because I can say I accomplished something so big. This is why when I start teaching I hope to create a dance after school program for kids who can’t afford it or who just want to dance because they can. I think it is important to give those students an opportunity too.

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